Shoebat: Gays Will Slaughter Christians in Concentration Camps!

Shoebat: Gays Will Slaughter Christians in Concentration Camps! April 20, 2016

Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat has come up with a rather bizarre example of Godwinning. In raging against trans people, he says that the whole LGBT thing is about establishing a “tyranny of confusion,” which will lead, wouldn’t you know it, to Christians being put in concentration camps and slaughtered.


By trying to redefine reality these sodomites are constructing the tyranny of confusion. The tyranny of confusion is despotism brought about, not by guns or arms, but by deception—not any sort of deception—but by a distinct sophism that redefines a reality that only seems to be existent in a person’s intellectual and spiritual disposition, which is formed by indoctrination through academia, propaganda and popular media. You will wonder, ‘Why is this tyranny? People can believe what they want to believe.’

It is tyranny because it enables tyranny. The tyranny of confusion does not write up a despotic constitution on paper, before it writes it on the hearts of the people. A man says that he is a woman, and the tyranny of confusion brainwashes people into thinking that he is to be believed; more than that, it convinces entire societies to believe him, and to get angry when a few voices say that he is wrong.

Once governments and institutions are allowed—without ever being stopped or hindered—from redefining a reality as pertinent as gender, as foundational as marriage, and as obvious as the life of an unborn child, then they will only continue to redefine more of reality, until they conquer all of reality, and confine her in the prison of confusion’s regime…

The ones who redefine marriage and gender, will also redefine what is life, and will determine who has the right to be alive. If they can say that a man is actually a woman—and vice-versa—then they will continue on, to only look at a Christian—or someone who doesn’t want anything to do with their attack against virtue—and say, ‘You are not a human being to us, you are not amongst the superior minds such as us.’

And worse than an animal, will they treat us, taking us to camps where people are butchered, or where some people are “reeducated” to be assimilated into the tyranny of confusion.

He uses an image of Nazis marching with the caption, “The Nazis created their own reality (many of them were homosexuals), and they wanted to force the whole world to be a part of it.” Now bear in mind that a few months ago when someone tweeted to him a link to one of my posts about him calling him a fascist, he responded, “Proud fascist. God bless Francisco Franco.” And that he is on the record calling for the whole slaughter of gay people repeatedly. This is weapons-grade projection.

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