Andy Schlafly Thinks Ted Cruz is a Feminist

Andy Schlafly Thinks Ted Cruz is a Feminist April 28, 2016

There’s been a big fight within the Eagle Forum, seemingly over the fact that Phyllis Schlafly has endorsed Donald Trump rather than the far more socially conservative and Christian Ted Cruz. And now her idiot son, Andy Schlafly, is bizarrely claiming that Cruz is a feminist and so are the people trying to boot his mother out.


The internal battle for control of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum appears to have been sparked by division over the Republican presidential primary, but the stakes are much bigger than that, contends one of the conservative icon’s sons, activist and lawyer Andy Schlafly.

“This battle is a lot more than a battle between Cruz and Trump,” he told WND. “It’s a battle over the future of the conservative movement.”…

Andy Schlafly charged that several of the six opposition board members “are not conservative at all” on social issues.

“I acknowledge the six board members in opposition are all Cruz supporters, but their opposition has broad ramifications that go well beyond a contest between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz,” he argued.

He said his sister, Cori, who reportedly wants to replace Ed Martin as executive director, “has never written anything” that he considers socially conservative.

“The liberals within Eagle Forum are using the fact that Anne Cori is Phyllis Schlafly’s daughter much as liberals have used Ronald Reagan Jr. to play off against President Reagan’s conservative agenda, when of course Ron Reagan Jr., is not conservative at all,” Andy Schlafly said.

He said his sister “has not written anything pro-life or in favor of traditional marriage.”

“The six are fine with the feminism of Ted Cruz and his wife. I can’t think of any recent statements by any of the six that is critical of feminism,” he said.

Ted Cruz? A feminist? Cathie Adams, a feminist? I want some of what he’s smoking.

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