VA Cops Beat Handcuffed Man, Threaten Witnesses

VA Cops Beat Handcuffed Man, Threaten Witnesses May 4, 2016

Two officers from the Portsmouth, VA police department beat a man after he was handcuffed, then threatened to have any of the witnesses evicted from their apartments if they didn’t leave. And another officer deleted a cell phone video showing the beating, but another video of the eviction threats and lies has been released.


27-year-old Tiara Bailey recorded the video.

“It was this commotion because he was on top of the man punching him, punching him and the other one was beating him, and after they beat him they tased him and they maced him so they did all this while he was handcuffed,” Bailey said.

In the video, both officers tell the crowd to move back, but the other things they said is what’s causing concern. About one minute into the video, you see an officer pointing a baton at the woman who was recording on her cell phone.

Officer #1 said: “Leave now.”

Woman: “We live out here.”

Officer #1: “Ok, I’ll get your address and get you evicted.”

Woman: “Because we’re standing here recording you?

Officer #1 “You’re being disorderly (inaudible).”

A minute after this part of the recording, another officer addresses the crowd.

Officer #2: “Everybody out here needs to disperse. Get the f*** back into your apartment. This is an unlawful assembly get back to your apartment.”

Those cops should not only be fired, they should be charged with violating the civil rights of the witnesses, of destroying evidence of a crime, and for the beating of the man they had handcuffed. Wanna take bets on whether any of that happens?

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