Staver Can’t Name a Single Bathroom Predator

Staver Can’t Name a Single Bathroom Predator May 5, 2016

Anita Staver, wife of the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman and a lawyer herself, famously said that she’s going to be carrying her gun into bathrooms now to escape the hordes of trans people, pretend or otherwise, waiting to assault her. But when asked if she can name a single such incident, she came up blank:


In an interview with Alan Colmes that was posted online today, she repeated her claim that women should take their firearms while out shopping in order to “prepare for predators that might be in the restroom.”

When Colmes asked if she could name any cases of crimes that have occurred as a result of states states adopting LGBT nondiscrimination laws, Staver was unable to name any.

“I’m not a statistician,” she said.

I’ll take really stupid answers for $1000, Alex. He didn’t ask you for statistics, he asked you to name just one example of any anti-discrimination law resulting in this dystopic result that you continually claim is going to happen. We’ve had such laws in way over 100 states and cities for many years and there is not one single case of this ever happening. Which means you’re full of shit.

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