Who Does Theodore Shoebat Want Murdered Today?

Who Does Theodore Shoebat Want Murdered Today? May 26, 2016

It seems every day Christian and “proud fascist” Theodore Shoebat announces a new group of people he wants to murder in the name of God. So let’s spin the wheel and see which group is the lucky recipient of his totalitarian hatred today. *spins wheel* And the winner is….women who have abortions.


Shoebat, who was recently featured in Janet Porter’s anti-gay documentary “Light Wins” along with several Republican presidential candidates, members of Congress and leading anti-gay activists, insisted that Trump was right when he initially said that women who get abortions should be punished but then was pressured into issuing a “bullcrap” clarification only because he wants to win the election.

“He should have never retracted his statement,” Shoebat asserted, because “if you really believe it’s murder, then the woman has to be punished. That is the logical conclusion.”

A woman who has an abortion is not the victim, he said, “she’s a selfish slut who needs to be punished.”…

It makes no sense to punish only doctors for performing abortions, Shoebat declared, “because the woman is actually more guilty” and “the biggest criminal” since without her consent, no abortion would ever take place.

As such, both women who have abortions and doctors who perform them should be lined up before a firing squad and shot, he said.

“Yeah, arrest all the abortion doctors and put them before a firing squad and kill ’em,” Shoebat said, “but do not exempt the woman. The woman also needs to be in front of that firing squad as well.”

Christian fascism at its finest.

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