Roger Stone, Donald Trump and the Blueprint for Hypocritical Insults

Roger Stone, Donald Trump and the Blueprint for Hypocritical Insults May 30, 2016

Roger Stone did a Reddit AMA a few days ago and one of the things that sticks out on it was the lavish praise he had for Dick Morris, the world’s least accurate political pundit (along with Bill Kristol, of course). It seems Dick Morris has written a couple columns lately about how Trump can beat Clinton, prompting this slurpfest:


ROGER STONE: I know Dick Morris. Dick is a very, very engaging and bright guy. He is a charming companion. He has an extraordinary knowledge of fine French wines. Of course, his political birthright is working for Adlai Stevenson as a child, supporting George McGovern, electing odious characters like Jerry Nadler to Congress. But somewhere along the way, I guess Dick found religion and today he is a conservative. Someone actually told me that he is an evangelical Christian. He’s a very, very bright guy. Although I agree with Bill Clinton. Dick has 10 ideas, eight of them will absolutely blow up in your face. And the other two are brilliant. So he’s a very smart guy, he’s got a lot of experience. He is, I think he has been wrong about some things, but when it comes to the Clintons, he was in close. He did work on their gubernatorial campaigns. He saw the interplay in their dysfunctional relationship. And I think he’s largely credible.

But Media Matters hooks up the Wayback Machine to Stone’s Twitter account and finds him saying quite the opposite before:

What we see here is the same pattern that Stone’s sugar daddy Trump exhibits: If you’re on his side on something, you’re the greatest person ever, just an amazing human being, almost as amazing as Trump himself. And if you do or say anything he doesn’t like, he will unleash a torrent of hateful insults and blind rage, throwing every juvenile taunt he can at you. And then when you’re no longer a threat to him, he suddenly expresses how much respect he has for you again. You can’t take a single word of it seriously, from either of them. This is how playground bullies operate, not presidents.

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