Perkins: Christians Being Forced Into ‘Spiritual Ghettos’

Perkins: Christians Being Forced Into ‘Spiritual Ghettos’ June 2, 2016

You gotta hand it to the Christian right. They continually come up with new and ever more ridiculous claims of faux persecution. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council told a radio audience that Christians are being forced into “spiritual ghettos.” Whatever the hell that nonsensical phrase could possibly mean.


“We are not disqualified from engaging in the public square simple because we’re Christian,” Perkins said. “And that’s where we’re at today, where people want us to check our Christian faith at the door of even public service; not just holding public office, but if you’re a fireman, a policeman, a teacher, a football coach, you’re supposed to leave your faith at home or within the confines of the church. [That is] totally contrary to what the founders envisioned and, I would argue, Frank, totally contrary to what God has called us to do.”

When Wright wondered how long it will be before even the private practice of faith is not tolerated by the government, Perkins declared that “we see this administration, we see the left creating these spiritual ghettos where we are forced into, confined to these areas, trying to quarantine faith so it’s more easily controllable.”

Is there anything more absurd than Christian conservatives pretending they’re being denied a seat at the table? What group has more access to power than them in America today, other than big business?

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