White Supremacists Compare Donald Trump to Jesus

White Supremacists Compare Donald Trump to Jesus June 2, 2016

The white supremacists are, of course, absolutely giddy about Donald Trump being the Republican nominee, though some acknowledge that he can’t go full-on white sheet for them. But James Edwards assured them that even if is a disappointment in some ways, that will just make him like Jesus.

Attribution: KAMiKAZOW
Attribution: KAMiKAZOW

Edwards argued that it’s irrelevant what Trump does in office and whether he’s “ultimately a disappointment.”

“The most important thing about Trump is what comes after Trump,” Edwards said. “And I think his campaign has proven that Americans are ready for hardcore nationalist politics and populism.”

Alexander praised Trump’s ability “to short-circuit the vetting process because of his celebrity and his wealth.”

Alexander continued, “[Trump] is a leader, not an intellectual, and as a result he’s bound to be a disappointment to people that would like to see Pat Buchanan in his position, but we have to take what we can get. We can’t expect purity in every regard. Those who do, it’s just like Jesus. Jesus didn’t meet the expectations of the conservative intellectual Pharisees of his time to be the messiah and, as a result, they rejected the messiah. We don’t need to make their mistake.”

Do you think they’ve ever actually read the Bible?

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