Gingrich Tries to Get Back in Trump’s Good Graces

Gingrich Tries to Get Back in Trump’s Good Graces June 11, 2016

After undoubtedly angering Donald Trump by calling his attacks on Judge Curiel “inexcusable” and saying it was one of the worst mistakes Trump had made, Newt Gingrich is now apparently eager to get back on his good side by making an irrelevant tu quoque when asked whether Trump should apologize.


After huddling with Trump surrogates on Capitol Hill, Gingrich scoffed at reporters for asking whether Trump needed to apologize for leveling racial attacks on a Mexican-American federal judge — remarks that even Gingrich a few days earlier had characterized as “inexcusable” and a major campaign blunder.

“Compared to Bill and Hillary Clinton, no. Give me a break. The ability of the news media to step past the Clinton Foundation, past the Clinton emails, past all of the continuous lying by the Clintons and say, ‘Boy, Donald Trump has a real problem,’ ” Gingrich said outside the Capitol Hill Club. “No, Donald Trump, compared to Hillary Clinton, is totally virtuous.

“Hillary Clinton’s entire career is hiding behind lawyers and lying, from the Rose law firm and Whitewater to today,” the former Speaker added. “The news media’s one-sided view of Trump, I think, will blow up on them. The media likely to be in real trouble this fall because the average American will learn how totally prejudiced it is.”

None of which has anything to do with the question he was asked, even if all the accusations were true. He was asked whether Trump should apologize for his “inexcusable” attacks on Judge Curiel; the answer to that question, if Gingrich meant what he said about it, has to be yes. But he doesn’t want to say that, so he offers a classic political non-answer by attacking the opponents. Don’t think we didn’t notice that, Newt.

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