Noah’s Ark Replica Crashes in Norway

Noah’s Ark Replica Crashes in Norway June 12, 2016

A giant replica of Noah’s Ark, sans animals, crashed into a coast guard ship in Norway. The coast guard ship was docked at the time and the ark was being towed and things went boom. You’d think that Almighty God would protect such a powerful symbol of the truth of the Bible, wouldn’t you?


A 230-foot long replica of Noah’s Ark collided with a Norwegian Coast Guard vessel as it arrived in Oslo, Norway on Friday, causing damage to both ships.

Media says the wooden replica, built by a Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers after he dreamed of a flood in his home town, was being towed into Oslo harbor when it somehow lost control and crashed into the moored patrol vessel Nornen.

Don’t worry, though. No Biblical literalists were injured in the making of the video below.

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