Bryan Fischer Invents Some History

Bryan Fischer Invents Some History June 16, 2016

Bryan Fischer is arguing, as he long has, that we should prohibit all Muslims from coming to the United States, and he is inventing some history to do it. He compares people from Muslim countries to people from the countries where the Ebola virus was common and falsely claims that we stopped immigration from those countries.


The issue is the very nature of the religion of Muhammad. The problem is not “radical Islam.” The problem is Islam itself. The abiding command of Allah, found in Sura 9:5, is “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.” Muslims have been obeying this command religiously since the 7th century, and Omar Mateen was simply the latest in a long line of the devout to kill infidels in the name of their god.

Islam has been the Ebola virus of culture since Satan’s revelation to Muhammad in the cave. There is no known antidote other than the gospel of Jesus Christ. If a Muslim will not take the cure, then he remains a carrier of the virus, a virus which can remain dormant in most Muslims but then can spring to life almost without warning.

When the Ebola epidemic erupted, sound immigration policy in the West blocked immigration from Ebola-ravaged countries. We knew we were blocking immigration to many who were not carriers and represented no threat to public health. But we had no way to identify the carriers from the non-carriers before it was too late. Rational public policy required us to be careful with them all.

No, actually, we did not do that. And Bryan Fischer should know that because he was one of the people throwing a fit about the fact that we didn’t prohibit immigration from West Africa. The only restrictions we put on it was to route them to five specific airports — the ones they nearly always flew into anyway from those countries — because there were CDC centers and hospitals there who could respond adequately if there was a problem.

We have had dozens and dozens of attacks from Christians on abortion clinics, gay bars, government installations and other targets. Hundreds and hundreds of people have been killed or injured by their terrorism. Yet no one would dare suggest that we should not allow Christians into the country. Fischer would go apeshit at any such suggestion.

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