Rohrer: God is Punishing Us!

Rohrer: God is Punishing Us! June 18, 2016

Sam Rohrer of the American Pastors Network offers an explanation that is likely older than human civilization itself for the Orlando massacre: God is punishing us! Or at least “removing his hand of protection,” as though there were evidence that such a hand was ever there in the first place.


Rohrer told Deace that he has a “great deal of compassion for those who are involved” in the shooting and also believes that “these kind of events are only going to be increasing” for a number of reasons, including that “the Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood folks, they have made it clear that they’re going to do that”; that “our president and those in office are soft, refuse to even identify the enemy ideology of Islam as the enemy”; and, finally, “it’s a large part because I believe God has removed his hand of blessing on this country because we’ve turned our back upon him, and when he removes his hand of protection, these kinds of things come forth.”

“God has made very clear,” Rohrer explained, “that every nation that He has established — and He establishes all nations, we’re told that all nations are established by God, even the very geographical boundaries of the nations are determined — that when a nation, any nation, does what God says, meaning that they fear Him, that they uphold and enforce God’s moral law and God’s design for the family and for the family and for civil government, all of those are His, when those things are done, then God will bless a nation.”

This is one of the core premises of all religions, or at least all monotheistic ones, going back at least to the very earliest human civilizations. Why did it flood and destroy our crops? Because the Rain God is angry with us for…well, something. Why did we lose the battle with the nearby city-state? Because the War God is angry with us for…well, something. That something is always changing, of course. And some of us have evolved past such silly explanations; most, sadly, have not.

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