Fox Guest: Conservatism is Best for LGBT People

Fox Guest: Conservatism is Best for LGBT People June 19, 2016

Tammy Bruce went on Fox News and delivered a soliloquy on conservatism and LGBT equality that is so wrongheaded that it’s difficult to know where to even begin with it. I’ll just paste the full answer so you can see how many dumb things she said in such a short period of time.


TAMMY BRUCE: You know look, I have been saying this for quite some time, people of faith can be for traditional marriage and not be against homosexuals or gays. This is why you’re having a commitment to marriage as your faith presents it, it is not because you hate the gay people, its because you’re a person of faith and that is what you were raised with in your belief and tradition. So, we’ve got to get rid of the narcissism within the gay community that everything is about us. So I think that there is, especially within the Christian ethic and the Judeo ethic, and within the American sensibility, we love underdogs, we love being different, as a nation we’re different and so it fits nicely in. But I think that what’s happened of course is Republicans have already, the polls have shown that Republicans have agreed with gay marriage, it clearly is the law of the land. People are okay with that. What they are not okay with of course is using it as a cudgel against people of faith as now the gay left is trying to do. And so I don’t think these are two separate issues in a certain sense.


BRUCE: At the same time, Donald Trump has been making more outreach and saying more generous things than Mitt Romney ever did. And that from what we’ve seen before, and I think it is about having a leader who is willing to say it. That in fact the conservative ideal is the thing that matters mostly to minorities, people of color, and gay people, because its independence, the ability to defend ourselves and the ability to live our lives as we see fit. That’s the conservative ideal and Donald Trump understands that.

So what did we learn here, kids?

1. That LGBT people are narcissists for thinking that the right wing hates them.
2. That most Republicans are in favor of same-sex marriage.
3. That conservatism is good for LGBT people.
4. That Donald Trump is totally pro-gay.

What planet does this woman live on? It sure as hell isn’t this one. A mere week ago Donald Trump was telling a conference of Christian right activists that they can trust him to find a way to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage. And every major anti-gay group is still throwing a fit about Lawrence v Texas, which ruled that a state could not put people in jail merely for being gay. And the Republican base is regularly told, and a huge number of them believe, that LGBT people are demon-possessed pedophiles out to rape their children. No, there’s no hatred there or anything. This is spectacularly stupid.

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