Okay, THIS is the Dumbest Defense of Trump’s Attacks on Judge Curiel

Okay, THIS is the Dumbest Defense of Trump’s Attacks on Judge Curiel June 22, 2016

I thought Ben Carson had given the dumbest defense of Donald Trump’s racist attack on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, but right-wing Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has managed to top it. On his radio show, he said it’s no different than calling Obama the first black president.


“We do it every day with Barack Obama, the first African-American president,” Clarke said. “We’re pointing out his ethnicity.”…

“What we’ve done in this society, in this hyphenated society that we live in today, everybody is something-hyphen-American,” Clarke said. “German-American, French-American, Asian-American, African-American, Mexican-American. And it’s fine, I’m not against it. But don’t tell me that it’s okay if people wanna use it to their advantage when it suits them, and then when someone else points out, ‘Hey, you’re a Mexican-American, oh, you’re a Mexican,’ that they’re going to get offended by it, that it now becomes a slur? You must be kidding me.”

Oh for fuck’s sake, how dishonest can this guy possibly be? Trump didn’t just point out that the judge is of Mexican heritage, he said that the fact that he’s Mexican makes him “inherently biased” against him and incapable of being objective in the lawsuit he’s presiding over. These people lie as casually as they breathe.

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