Robertson: God Will Punish Us for Abortion

Robertson: God Will Punish Us for Abortion June 23, 2016

Pat Robertson said on the 700 Club this week that one of these days God is going to punish us for allowing abortion, which is of course Satan’s idea. One of these says. Any day now, just you wait. *looks at watch* What are you laughing at? It’s gonna happen!


Robertson said that “we have to look at the spiritual roots” of abortion rights, blaming the right to abortion on Satan: “The enemy of our soul is Satan and he hates people, he hates human beings, and the idea is if humans can kill other humans, the devil wants to do everything to help it.”

“It’s a shocking holocaust,” he said. “And we as Americans seem to think it’s okay. Well, it’s not okay. And one day, a righteous, holy God is going to demand an accounting for every drop of blood that has been spilled of innocent, unborn babies. And we just keep it mind, when it happens it’s going to be awful.”

I wish these wingnuts would make up their mind. Is God going to punish us someday for it, or is he already punishing us for it? Robertson famously agreed with Jerry Falwell that abortion was partly to blame for 9/11, so it seems he just goes back and forth.

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