Conservative: I Can Get Trump a 20-point Lead by August

Conservative: I Can Get Trump a 20-point Lead by August June 24, 2016

Conservative commentator Josh Bernstein has a brilliant plan and now he wants Donald Trump to hire him to put it into action. And if he does, Bernstein says he can guarantee Trump a 20 point lead over Hillary Clinton by August 1st. Here’s his idea:


Trump should “turn the convention into literally a Lifetime Channel type of convention,” Benstein advised. “I would have three- or four-to-one female speakers over male speakers, preferably folks that worked for him, that came up through the Trump organization and can tell their personal stories about Donald Trump, because the left and the media has painted him as some kind of sexist or racist and I think that those images can be put on display.”

Bernstein also recommended that the Trump campaign should “hire me, because I guarantee I can get him over 20 points by August 1.”

Yeah, that’s sure to work. Because women voters are so gullible that they’ll immediately start supporting Trump if they bring out a few women who are dependent on him for their income to say nice things about him. That will totally cancel out his decades of misogyny. *eyeroll*

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