White Christians Only Ones Who Support Trump’s Immigration Plans

White Christians Only Ones Who Support Trump’s Immigration Plans June 27, 2016

A new study from the Public Religion Research Institute finds that the only demographic groups that support Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall on the Mexican border and ban Muslim immigration and tourism are white Christians of every type.

Source: http://savark.deviantart.com/art/Bigotry-is-a-lifestyle-choice-145648612
Source: http://savark.deviantart.com/art/Bigotry-is-a-lifestyle-choice-145648612

According to a report released Thursday by PRRI, majorities of every major white Christian group in America support Trump’s dual proposals to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and ban all Muslim immigration into the country.

Yes, you read that right: majorities of all major white Christian groups.

Although only 41 percent of Americans overall support Trump’s plan to build a wall, 58 percent of white evangelical Protestants, 51 percent of white mainline Protestants, and 51 percent of white Catholics back the idea. Similarly, only 40 percent of those polled favored the Donald’s Muslim ban, but 55 percent of white evangelical Protestants and 52 percent of white Catholics endorse the exclusionary policy. Even among white mainline Christians — a group that typically skew more liberal than Catholics and evangelicals on many issues — the plan was popular, with 51 percent agreeing with Trump’s call to temporarily block Muslims from entering the country.

I’m a bit surprised at the mainline Christian demographic there, and I’m sure that if you looked at specific mainline denominations you’d find some that have majority opposition to those proposals.

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