Wiles Helps Bakker Sell a Few More Buckets of Crappy Food

Wiles Helps Bakker Sell a Few More Buckets of Crappy Food June 27, 2016

Right-wing conspiracy nut Rick Wiles once again appeared on con man Jim Bakker’s TV show and helped him sell a few more buckets of crappy survival food with spook stories about impending martial law and his prediction that the next few months will be “the bloodiest, goriest time in America since the Civil War.”


Later, Bakker and Wiles agreed that martial law is coming to America, which Bakker cited as a reason for viewers to purchase his ministry’s survival food buckets.

“We are one crisis from martial law,” Wiles said, warning that U.S. officials will use martial law to stay in office indefinitely and that the upcoming election “possibly could be postponed.”

Wiles went on to mention a discredited story about the supposed arrest of “a Middle Eastern woman who had in her possession the drawings and plans of natural gas pipelines.”

“We’re headed this summer, I am convinced, this summer and fall, unless God intervenes, this is going to be the bloodiest, goriest time in America since the Civil War, this summer and fall,” he said. “If God does not intervene, Jim, this summer and fall will be the bloodiest since the Civil War.”

Wait, I thought that was the Ebola virus that was going to cause that. I mean, the Ferguson riots. I mean, Jade Helm 15. I mean, that time Obama tried to nuke South Carolina. And I thought you were leaving this country. Like back in 2010, when you made this prophecy:

Last 3 months of 2010 will be brutal for America. The storm that will hit in the last 3 months of the year will not destroy America but it will stagger and stun the nation. There will be a great disruption in the nations commerce, communications, transportations and supply lines that will impact America for years. Tell my people to use the first 6 months of 2010 to prepare for the last 3 months. A year of bloodshed , violence, terror and fear.

You took that one so seriously that you claimed you were leaving the country and would be broadcasting from a “remote location.” And you said that there was going to be a nuclear attack on America and that if that turned out to be false, you would never give another prophecy again:

“My friends, we’re on the verge of a nuclear explosion in this country – the Lord told me at the beginning of this year, January 8, 2010. I came out of a fast and walked into this studio and told you what the Holy Spirit told me, and I’m standing by it. If I did not hear from God during that week of fasting, then I’ll never hear God. And I hope I’m wrong, I hope I hope I hope I’m wrong. With all my heart I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’m totally humiliated and never prophesy again, because I don’t want what I saw to come true. But what I heard the Holy Spirit tell me during that week of fasting at the beginning of this year, was that we had three months to seek Him in prayer and fasting, to seek His face and He would give us a plan. We would have 6 months to prepare and the last 3 months of 2010 – He said we will need His mercy to get through the last 3 months. I’m going to stand by it. Again, if I didn’t hear God, then I can’t hear God. If that wasn’t God speaking to me then I will never again as long as I live say that the Lord spoke to me.

And then you said were leaving the United States in 2014. And then again in 2015, after the same-sex marriage ruling came down. By now, if the Bible is to be believed, you should have been stoned to death as a false prophet.

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