Theodore Shoebat Makes Predictions

Theodore Shoebat Makes Predictions June 28, 2016

After the vote by the UK to leave the European Union, Theodore Shoebat has some predictions to make. They’re ridiculous predictions, of course, because the man is quite out of his mind. Apparently this all presages a new Nazi Germany and another world war.


Britain just voted and agreed to leave the European Union, with the majority voting for separation from the confederacy, in favor for autonomy. What will this lead to? Here are some of my own thoughts and predictions as to what will happen with Europe. Germany is dominating Europe, to a great extent, because of the EU. With the UK leaving the EU, the Germans are very upset, and they are concerned that their power will weaken. Thus, the Germans will use this decision to only later portray Britain as an enemy. Britain severing itself from the EU will encourage other nations to leave the EU, and this will ultimately provoke Germany to return to fanatical nationalism. With the disintegration of the collectivist EU, comes nationalism; with the breaking down of the EU comes the unmasking of rivalries between European nations that have existed for centuries. Great Britain has given billions every year to the EU budget, but with the British gone, this money will no longer come. Other nations will emulate Britain; the more nations that leave, the less money that will fatten the EU. The EU was, supposedly, designed to guarantee that Germany will never become an aggressor. But with the EU gone, why should Germany be peaceful? Germany will thus go back to its imperialist and supremacist ways. Nationalism, supremacist ideology, imperialist Protestantism, Catholic militancy and the restoration of Catholic Christendom, will thus ultimately arise above the ruins of the EU, a failed experiment that was doomed to collapse…

Germany, with its very wealthy industries, will use the fall of the EU as a justification for going back to fanatical supremacist nationalism. Germany will make strong military alliances with both Turkey and Japan. This will be a most dangerous trio, with the industrially advanced Germany forming a very strong force with Japan, the most powerful nation of East Asia that has a navy much larger than that of Britain, and Turkey, the most powerful of the Muslim world. This rise of these powers will not happen without the rise of their religions. Germany will have a state religion, which will be a mix of German supremacist ideology and Protestantism, just as it had in WW2; Turkey will form an empire with its political Sufist belief system; and Japan, just as it did in the Second World War, will fight under the banner of its hybrid religion of State Shinto emperor worship and Zen Buddhism.

This is like a totally random stream of consciousness. The only thing surprising about it is that he didn’t call for anyone to be murdered in this column, as he usually does (while simultaneously calling Muslims barbarians, ironically).

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