Is Wiles Getting a Cut of Bakker’s Food Bucket Cash?

Is Wiles Getting a Cut of Bakker’s Food Bucket Cash? June 30, 2016

If Rick Wiles isn’t getting a cut of the profits that Christian con man Jim Bakker is making on his buckets of crappy survival food, he needs a new agent. Every time he goes on the show he spins some paranoid tale of impending doom to encourage people to buy it. He really put on the hard sell this last time.


“The churches are a target,” Wiles continued. “It’s very soon. Very soon. And, Jim, the remnant church is gonna go underground. We’re gonna meet in our homes, we’re gonna meet in secret places. You’re gonna have to discern who comes in because you’re bringing them into your home.”

Wiles, promoting Bakker’s products, told the audience that they “have very little time to buy food and supplies. Very little time. The window is going to close soon. We are one disaster from martial law. There are only four corporations in this country that produce this kind of food.”

“If there is an event this summer like a chemical gas attack where a vast amount of people are killed in the tens of thousands, the smart people will stampede to buy this food,” Wiles claimed. “The wealthy, the smart people, the people that know, ‘This is serious, I’ve gotta get all the supplies I can get.’ These four companies that produce this food will be sold out within days. The second thing you have to consider is that Homeland Security and FEMA either purchase all of it or seize it.”

He was speaking of Muslims in the first part of that. So you see, either the Muslims are going to come here and take over and force Christians underground (seriously, I’d love to hear some scenario by which that could possibly happen) or the government is going to seize all the shitty macaroni and cheese buckets and they won’t be able to get it anymore.

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