RNC Member: Christians Aren’t Forgiving Enough of Trump

RNC Member: Christians Aren’t Forgiving Enough of Trump June 30, 2016

Tamara Scott, one of the most far-right members of the Republican National Committee, is upset with her fellow Christian righters who aren’t sufficiently supportive of Donald Trump. They’re just not being forgiving Christians like they’re supposed to be.


“Here’s what I hate to see from my friends, my Iowa friends and my fellow believers,” she said. “Let’s not be judgmental ourselves. Maybe God’s called someone to a camp for various reasons. Daniel was in Darius’ camp, and because of it Darius saw the hand of God in Darius’ life. Who knows why people are being drawn to various candidates, but it could be a purpose beyond an election. God sees eternity.”

When Angelo asked if she was “comfortable with Trump,” Scott replied that she was because he has promised that “he’ll end the war on Christianity” while Hillary Clinton “created the war on Christianity.”

“So shouldn’t I, as a Christian, if I really think — you know, some of them think the end of the world’s coming because we don’t like this candidate,” she said. “If that’s the case, all the more reason I should have someone who’s going to allow someone to share my gospel. And that’s Trump, not Hillary, if you want to take it just to a spiritual level.”

She went on to criticize Christian critics of Trump for being judgmental and “not very loving” when “only God” knows the candidate’s heart “and God has allowed what has taken place this far.”

That’s funny, I’ve never once heard her say that Christian Republicans should be more forgiving of Democratic politicians. On Planet Wingnuttia, even forgiveness is a partisan matter. Just like Jesus would want it to be, of course.

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