Did Trump Actually Forgive Loan to Campaign?

Did Trump Actually Forgive Loan to Campaign? July 1, 2016

Last week it was announced that Donald Trump had converted a huge loan he made to his campaign into a contribution, meaning he could not get paid back out of the donations of others. But NBC News reports that no such paperwork has been filed with the FEC.


When Donald Trump said last Thursday he was forgiving over $45 million in personal loans he made to his campaign, the announcement drew plenty of coverage. Many even reported Trump’s statement as if the deal was done.

But it’s not.

A week later, NBC News has learned the FEC has posted no record of Trump converting his loans to donations. The Trump Campaign has also declined requests to share the legal paperwork required to execute the transaction, though they suggest it has been submitted.

Last week, campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks said Trump was submitting formal paperwork forgiving the loan on Thursday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Reached by NBC this week, she said the paperwork “will be filed with the next regularly scheduled FEC report,” and declined to provide any documentation.

The delay could matter, because until Trump formally forgives the loans, he maintains the legal option to use new donations to reimburse himself. (He can do so until August, under federal law.)

This is worth watching. If he doesn’t file that paperwork on July 20th, he’ll lose the ability to get paid back. And since he’s lied before about such matters, I’m sure the media will keep an eye on this.

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