Lane: U.S. ‘Following Nazi Tactics to Eradicate Christians’

Lane: U.S. ‘Following Nazi Tactics to Eradicate Christians’ July 9, 2016

I swear, David Lane gets more and more ridiculous by the day. In his latest kinda sort column for Charisma News (it’s literally just a few disconnected paragraphs and a pitch for yet another prayer rally, he says that America is “following Nazi tactics to eradicate Christians.”


Secularism and Christianity—like National Socialism and Christianity in Germany in 1930—are irreconcilable. There will be no reconciliation of immutable, competing religions and worldviews; someone’s worldview and values are going to reign supreme.

Adolf Hitler recognized the battle: “One day we want to be in a position where only complete idiots stand in the pulpit and preach to old women”.

As part of the battle for control of resources and ideological supremacy, “the Nazis changed the calendar to downplay Christian celebrations and emphasize non-Christian ceremonies. Thus, in 1938, carols and the nativity play were forbidden in schools; at the same time, Christmas was replaced with the new term ‘Yuletide’.” – Inside Hitler’s Germany, Life Under the Third Reich, pg. 80-81

There isn’t even a hint of an actual argument here. He says secularism and Christianity are incompatible, which is false on its own (someone tell that to Barry Lynn), and then immediately goes Godwin without even the barest pretense of trying to connect the two. He seems to think that as long as you mention secularism and Hitler at the same time, you’ve established Nazism and secularism as being the same thing. I’ve known five year olds who could see through such shoddy “reasoning.”

Hitler, of course, was not at all a secularist. He even established his own church, which is, ya know, the exact opposite of secularism. But hey, who needs facts when you have an audience of ignorant people who will believe anything you say?

The American Renewal Project will host The Response-Cleveland, a National Prayer Gathering in Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday, July 16, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (EDT). No book sales, DVD sales, no concession stands: simply fasting and praying for America. Would you either join us by internet at your church or ask your flock to watch at home? Our live streaming feed is at:

If Jesus could say to Lazarus, “Lazarus, come forth”, He can say to revival in America, “Revival, come forth”. We intend to ask Him.

I’m sure it will be just as effective as the last 512 times you’ve prayed for the same thing.

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