Wingnut: Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization

Wingnut: Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization July 12, 2016

I’d never heard of Brad Thor before he appeared on Glenn Beck’s show last week blathering on about how the Black Lives Matter movement should be labeled a terrorist organization because they call for the killing of cops (actually, they say the exact opposite and have repeatedly).

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Most police officers are decent people who care about their communities, Thor said, but “these stories where there is a shooting get unbelievable attention.”

“I think the problem here is that the progressives love to divide people because that’s how they conquer the country,” he declared. “They divide people, put them into victim groups or put them into groups and convince the groups they can’t talk to each other; this group is set against you, this one is set against you and all that kind of stuff. So what we’re seeing is the progressives have been incredibly successful in this country dividing us and that’s why we need to be focused on on the truth. We need more people standing up and demonizing a group like Black Lives Matter that calls for the killing of police. At this point, I think Black Lives Matter ought to be labeled a terrorist organization.”

First of all, the claim that it’s liberals who try to divide us rather than conservatives is like an electromagnetic pulse that will knock out any irony meter within a 50 mile blast radius. Secondly, how do you suppose Thor or Beck would react if you said that “pro-life” groups should be lebeled terrorist organizations. After all, we’ve had decades of abortion clinic bombings and the murder of doctors that were inspired by their rhetoric. They’d scream holy hell over it.

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