Another Classic Sarah Palin Word Salad

Another Classic Sarah Palin Word Salad July 13, 2016

Sarah Palin has fired up her handy dandy outrage machine and it spat out the kind absolutely classic word salad that she has become so famous for. It also made her an immediate expert on Martin Luther King, though I suspect she thinks he nailed some demands to church door somewhere.


“It’s the antithesis of Martin Luther King Jr.’s message, it’s the antithesis of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our charters of liberty which says, ‘All men are created equal,’” she said.

“They’re not protesters,” she said of Black Lives Matter supporters, claiming that these “thugs” and “rioters” are “shouting ‘death to cops’ and celebrating violence.”

That, of course, is a lie. In fact, they were having a perfectly peaceful protest. The Dallas police chief said so himself. It had been going on for hours and many of the police officers were mingling with the crowd. The Dallas PD has a good relationship with Black Lives Matter. In fact, the chief of police has marched with them. It was one guy who had actually been blacklisted from the group that decided to kill and BLM has condemned him in the strongest terms. But Palin has a narrative to sell, so facts don’t matter one bit. Now here’s that word salad:

Palin then, incomprehensibly, said that listeners must “consider this atrocity that is going on right now which is the quashing of or thwarting of America’s law and order as exemplified, as worked out, as manifested by that thin blue line, by our law enforcement and men and women in uniform who are protecting law and order in America, the not peaceful protesters who are up in arms against just, you know, the whole kit and caboodle of all law enforcement right now, as we see in Black Lives Matter, is turning our country into such a volatile and scary place, it is part of that fundamental transformation of America that Barack Obama had promised to do to America, that’s what I came at with my perspective is.”

It’s like she just babbles until she runs out of breath, then ends her sentence.

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