The Dumbest Thing You’ll See Today

The Dumbest Thing You’ll See Today July 27, 2016

Politico has an article about Christian right leaders who are supporting Donald Trump and they interviewed several, including Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer and Marjorie Dannenfelser. The last of those three offered up the single dumbest claim you’ll hear all day, I promise.


DANNENFELSER: I thought it was instructive that when he has made mistakes, from our perspective — it’s the only issue I’ve seen him think deeply, I believe, and then completely retract a comment that was ill-considered. She notes that he retracted, for example, his comment that women seeking abortions should be punished.

There is something attractive about the fact he understands the consequences of positions he takes …he’s not afraid to make mistakes, he’s also not afraid to admit when he’s wrong.

*headdesk* Now that, my friends, is living in a fantasy world. If there is one thing that Donald Trump believes above all else, it’s that you should never, ever admit you were wrong or made a mistake. Ever.

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