Lord: Gun Deaths Due to Abortion

Lord: Gun Deaths Due to Abortion July 29, 2016

Weapons-grade buffoon Jeffrey Lord gives us that old nonsensical argument about abortion undermining the value of life and therefore being the cause of all violence that costs life. In this case, gun violence happens because of abortion.


While attacking the Democrats’ major speeches on Wednesday, Lord tried to chip away at the party’s arguments for more gun control by calling them out for hypocrisy.

Why, you ask? Because, according to Lord, you can’t tell people to stop gunning one another down in the streets when you favor legal abortion.

“In all the talk about guns, and gun control, etc., one of the things that people like me believe is that this is linked immutably to the issue of abortion,” Lord said, via Media Matters. “Why? Because abortion is about — you talk to pro-life folks — about respect for life. And if we have a culture that is saying, under the guise of pro-choice that children’s lives are not to be respected, that no one’s life is to be respected, you can’t reasonably expect people out there to think — if this is the culture they’re raised in, to not understand that the life is so valuable that they shouldn’t be out there taking life.”

Uh, Jeffrey….abortion has been legal in this country since 1973. The rate of violent crime has been going down steadily since 1991. Your argument is bullshit.

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