Wingnut Thinks SCOTUS Ended Slavery

Wingnut Thinks SCOTUS Ended Slavery August 3, 2016

Marcus and Joni is a popular Christian TV show, but co-host Marcus Lamb is not exactly a Rhodes scholar. On a recent show with televangelist con man James Robison on, he told the audience that the Supreme Court ended slavery. That will come as news to any high school history student.


In an attempt to demonstrate the importance of the Supreme Court, host Marcus Lamb uncorked an absurd history lesson that would even put a pseudo-historian like David Barton to shame.

“If we get the right person in office and they get to appoint the right judges,” he said, “did you know that Roe v. Wade would be reversed? Did you know that same-sex marriage could be reversed? Listen, it used to be the law of the land that you could own slaves. That got reversed in the Supreme Court, so it can change but only it we stand up and do the right thing.”

Uh, no. The Supreme Court upheld slavery. We fought a civil war over it and then had to pass a constitutional amendment to outlaw slavery. This is like 7th grade history, for crying out loud.

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