Beck Gets Everything Wrong About Payment to Iran

Beck Gets Everything Wrong About Payment to Iran August 6, 2016

Glenn Beck got on his soapbox and ranted for quite some time about that $400 million in currency sent to Iran, which he falsely thinks was a ransom for terrorists. In fact, he gets absolutely everything wrong in his claims about the situation. Everything.


Beck is convinced that this payment was made in cash so as to make it “untraceable” so that it can be used by Iran to finance Islamic terrorism around the world, thereby making it far worse than the Iran-Contra scandal.

Nope. We had no other way to give it to them because of the sanctions. It had to be currency and it could not be American currency, that’s why it was Euros, Swiss Francs and other currencies.

Iran-Contra may have been illegal, Beck said, but it was carried out to further American interests and was therefore “a very pro-American thing to do,” whereas “this is the president breaking the law, giving our tax dollars, $400 million in cash, to a terrorist state.”

Nope again. There was no law broken (in fact, the law would have been broken if it wasn’t given in cash). And it wasn’t tax dollars, it was money we seized back in 1981 and it was being held in the New York Federal Reserve Bank for 35 years. Now, in the Iran-Contra affair, many laws were broken. Every single step of it was illegal, from selling arms to Iran, which was under sanctions, to giving the proceeds to the Contras, which was made illegal by the Boland Amendment.

“Terrorism that is sponsored by Iran will be on the hands of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton because they’re paying for it,” Beck declared, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Clinton left the State Department back in 2013, three years before this payment was made. “Any time there is a terrorist you can trace back to Iran who is walking around with money in his pocket, you can thank Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Period!”

And it had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, who had been out of the State Department for at least two years before those negotiations happened, and before the court ruling in the Hague requiring us to give that money back. Strike three, you’re out.

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