Lively’s Version of ‘Masculine Christianity’

Lively’s Version of ‘Masculine Christianity’ August 12, 2016

Like most anti-gay bigots, Scott Lively is rather obsessed with their own twisted and toxic ideas about masculinity. That’s why they adore men like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, who preen and posture as macho men and make idiots of themselves in the process.


However, my goal is always to seek solutions to the problems facing the Kingdom of God on this earth, and I perceive a golden opportunity for Christians of the west to turn the “progressives” crisis against them – if we can reclaim a more masculine perspective of Christianity and the courage to assert it forcefully. Our examples are the “Peace through Strength” approach of Ronald Reagan, the last true example of masculine Christianity in American government, and (with important reservations) that of Vladimir Putin, whose Russian Orthodox-dominated Russian Federation boasts relatively harmonious relations with it’s sizable Moslem population (and an LGBT community that keeps its business private rather than trying to shove it down the collective public throat).

Like the Christian kings of the Middle Ages, these imperfect men exemplify the authoritarian-leaning style of leadership on display in the Old Testament – the only form of government that war-like adversaries can respect (as Americans re-learned most recently in World War II, and Korea).

It might seem that the American experiment begun by the Founding Fathers has failed. The generation of our pioneering forebears who wrested independence from King George by force of arms and cries of “No King but Jesus,” would not recognize their legacy in Obama’s America. Those children of the First Great Awakening – who established the world’s first Constitutional Republic firmly and unapologetically on the foundation of the King James Bible and its laws – would be deeply ashamed of the wusssified Church of today. Somewhere along the way “mainstream” Christianity morphed into Secular Humanism, losing its moral bearings, the strength and order of the patriarchal society, and the guidance and protection of Almighty God.

But there remains a courageous conservative branch of the church that is battle-hardened from the culture-wars and filled with the same righteous anger that fueled the American Revolution. And I saw the same spirit in the populist movements in Europe and the UK.

With certain reservations I also view Donald Trump as an example of masculine assertiveness, that is probably closer to the “whole Bible” Christianity of the Founders than is today’s average “mainstream” Christian. The Bible does not teach the sort of moral perfectionism some have demanded of Trump as a prerequisite for their support, but on the contrary offers many examples of morally flawed men placed in leadership of civil government by God Himself. My son Samuel has aptly compared to Trump to Samson, a rough and worldly man of God’s own choosing – perfectly suited to his time and task.

Yeah, that “masculine Christian” Ronald Reagan, who didn’t go to fight in World War II but stayed behind to make anti-VD films for the Army. And that “masculine Christian” Donald Trump, who dodged the draft in Vietnam. Let’s add other “masculine Christians” to that long list of draft dodgers, including Dick Cheney, Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, Tom DeLay and many, many others.

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