Brian Brown Still Desperately Begging for Money

Brian Brown Still Desperately Begging for Money August 16, 2016

Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage is really starting to panic. Only a few days after his last desperate plea for money he’s out with another one and the rhetoric is getting more amusing and absurd. This part especially made me chuckle:


NOM began our critical Summer Membership Drive on July 22nd. As of this morning, we’ve crossed the three-week halfway point of our drive and we have only received 309 contributions from our members.

That is terribly concerning, certainly not the type of response we’ve been praying for.

Which means your prayers aren’t working. So does God not want to you to get the money? Does he not care whether you get the money to keep up your losing battle against gay marriage? Or does he not exist? One of those things must be true.

I imagine that Anthony Kennedy, the Supreme Court justice who wrote the opinion a year ago redefining marriage, will be laughing out loud to himself realizing that the most passionate supporters of marriage — NOM’s members who love the Lord and who revere what He created — seem to be giving up.

Who could blame Anthony Kennedy if he thinks that God lost and he won?

Okay, that actually made me laugh out loud. He really does imagine that those who disagree with him are intentionally trying to defy God, as opposed to just disagreeing with him. Like Kennedy, a devout Catholic just like Brown, is sitting there rubbing his hands together gleefully while cackling to himself. Funny stuff.

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