God Sends Message to Tony Perkins by Destroying His House

God Sends Message to Tony Perkins by Destroying His House August 18, 2016

We are forever being told that natural disasters are deliberately sent by God to signal his anger and disapproval of our behavior. One of the people who makes that claim continually is Tony Perkins. And God just destroyed his house with the flooding down in Louisiana.


This week the Lord Almighty aimed his Holy Wrath at Louisiana, where among the thousands of people made homeless by flooding is hate group leader Tony Perkins, who reports that he had to escape his destroyed home by canoe.

Perkins is on vacation this month, but today he called into his own radio show to lament the “biblical proportion” disaster that will allegedly force his family to live in a camper for the six months it will take to rebuild his home.

My favorite part is at the beginning, when guest host Ken Klukowski says that, “Millions of our fellow Americans are human beings with daily physical needs, including food, water and shelter. And down in Louisiana they’re just being devastated by the impact of this storm.” Uh, Ken…I’m pretty sure all of our fellow Americans are human beings with physical needs. He continues:

And it is tremendously ironic that one of the individuals impacted is actually the normal host of this show, Mr. Tony Perkins himself, whose home has been overrun by this natural disaster.

Why yes, it is indeed ironic given that Perkins loves to tell us how God sends natural disasters as punishment. So what is he punishing you for, Tony? For spreading hatred and bigotry and lies about gay people for your entire adult life? Now that would be ironic, wouldn’t it? I guess you should have prayed a little harder.

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