Beck Once Again Declares Himself the Voice of God

Beck Once Again Declares Himself the Voice of God August 24, 2016

I find Glenn Beck’s delusions of grandeur highly entertaining. He’s frequently informing us that he is only doing what God has commanded him to do. He also flatters his audience, telling them that they are the last vanguard who can save America.


“I can only do what I’m supposed to do, what I feel the Lord has commanded me to do and that is tell the truth,” Beck said. “He has commanded me to do my own homework. He has commanded me to never compromise on what you truly believe … As I started to say in 2004, privately at least, there is a warning in Ezekiel that in those days there will be a watchman on the tower and at the gates. That means all of us, in our own way, are watchmen on the gates, in your own life. And if you see trouble coming, you are supposed to warn the people and, if you don’t, the blood of everyone who could have heard the warning and could have done something, that blood is on your hands.”

“This audience is the only hope because you are the only audience that is truly been prepared for these things at this time,” he declared. “You will be our republic’s last line of defense. So what do I do? People are telling me, ‘At least just shut up.’ I can’t. I can’t. You condemn me if I continue to warn, but God condemns me if I fail to warn.”

So God is telling you to warn everyone about the dangers of Donald Trump being elected. But your buddy David Barton says he’s doing God’s will by telling everyone to vote for Trump and that they’ll be punished by God if they don’t. How are we to tell which one of you is telling the truth? Actually, I think I know the answer to that one. There’s an incredibly easy way to tell whether you’re actually talking to God: You aren’t.

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