Mat Staver Hates America!

Mat Staver Hates America! August 24, 2016

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, clearly hates his country. In a recent speech, he claimed that America is just as bad as ISIS because we have legal abortion.


“But you know, as much as we cry at that kind of brutality, and certainly should,” he said, “we are doing the same thing under the rubric of ‘choice,’ under the idea that this is the rule of law and the people up there in Washington, D.C., seven in ’73 and five in ’92, said ‘the Constitution says so.’ Because we’re decapitating children, we’re breaking off their arms and legs, we’re brutalizing them in the same way that these larger people are being brutalized by ISIS.”

“Now, we want to go in and bomb those countries, right?” he asked. “We want to go in and take ‘em out to stop that brutality. In fact, there’s even people there that have given videos, ‘Please, bomb us so that we don’t have to continue’—these are people who are under the control of ISIS, they’re asking for us to bomb them to get them out of their misery, to kill everyone, to stop the carnage. But that’s happening in this country, and we drive by those places where our children are being brutalized in the same way.”

Why do you hate America, Mat? If you dare to suggest that America’s long history of violent intervention in the Middle East, our bombing campaigns and propping up of brutal dictators, might have something to do with radicalizing Arabs, you’re immediately shouted down as an America-hating liberal commie. But how is this any different?

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