More Countries Where Trump’s Suits are Made

More Countries Where Trump’s Suits are Made August 25, 2016

We’ve already seen proof that the Donald Trump suit and shirt collection are made in China and Mexico, but Buzzfeed reports that they are also made in Honduras and Indonesia. Oddly, Amazon, which is now the primary means of selling the suits, lists them as both imported and made in America.


Amazon is the main seller of Trump’s clothes. (Macy’s stopped carrying them last year, after Trump’s controversial comments about Mexican immigrants.) But the online retailer seems a little confused about where the suits were made.

It lists some of them as both “Imported” and “Made in USA.” Those can’t both be true, right?

Actually, they can both be true. We see this with cars, where different parts and systems are made in different places and assembled somewhere else. It’s entirely possible that some of the work is done in one country and other work is done in America. But it would be difficult to know. What we do know, based on the tags on the suits, is that at least some of the work was done in Indonesia and they have the pictures to prove it.

Buzzfeed had previously visited a factory in Honduras where Trump shirts are manufactured.

Hour after hour, the workers bent over sewing machines in a sweltering factory here. Despite indoor temperatures above 100 degrees, they said, they limited themselves to small sips of water for fear that even bathroom breaks would cause them to miss their production quotas and lose desperately needed pay.

“You have to put up with it to have an income,” said one supervisor whose white hair was pulled back in a loose bun. She asked not to be named for fear of being fired from her job. In recent years, she said, that job included sewing shirts emblazoned with Donald Trump’s brand…

From 2004 until last year, Trump contracted with apparel giant Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, or PVH. PVH, in turn, subcontracted some production to Protexsa, a garment manufacturing company owned by one of Honduras’ wealthiest families. Activists said that Protexsa was known for tough working conditions even in a country where workers are frequently abused and silenced…

BuzzFeed News spoke this month with more than a dozen current and former workers at that factory complex. Interviewed independently, they described harsh conditions including a dangerously hot factory floor where temperatures sometimes reached 105, verbally abusive supervisors, unsanitary cafeteria food, and an on-site doctor who some said did not acknowledge their work-related injuries.

“You are enslaved by the production goals,” said one former worker who said she was fired without explanation in December. The woman, who did not want to be named for fear of retaliation by her former employer, said she worked there from around 2009 until December, making, she said, approximately $61 a week plus a bonus of $8 if she met production goals, which rarely happened. That came out to about $1.60 an hour, she said, and left her with a chronically sore right shoulder from hunching over a sewing machine.

Trump is constantly screaming about other countries taking our jobs, yet his clothing line is made in his two favorite rhetorical punching bags, China and Mexico, and in Honduras and Indonesia. He also has requested and received visa waivers for more than 1000 foreign workers to fill mundane jobs at his resorts that are easily filled by Americans. He is a complete hypocrite.

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