Barton to ‘Call Out’ a Real Historian

Barton to ‘Call Out’ a Real Historian September 1, 2016

David Barton is offering up his usual mishmash of lies and distractions from the criticism he has received from actual historians over his ridiculous pseudo-history. And he’s specifically calling out John Fea, a Christian historian from Master’s College.


Tim Barton: We will be very specific not to bring something up or expound on something that we do not have original sources…there has been such an indoctrination for so long of the wrong stories, of the wrong ideologies and so the question we always ask is “what is the source of the information, what is the original document you can link that to…?” Most professors, they don’t have original sources, they have ideas, they have their stories but it’s not rooted in truth. So we always want to go back and say “here’s the original document, here’s what George Washington actually said, here’s what Thomas Jefferson actually said.” And so our stories are based on the actual document…and if we can’t find an original source then we usually don’t use it…because we want to make sure whatever we’re saying we can bring it back to truth with original sources.

David Barton: Right now, actually, we’re calling out a number of Christian college professors who are very, very bad at what they’re teaching…we are doing a serious of articles…John Fea, who is at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, just did a piece talking about how the founding fathers did not want ministers involved in politics or holding office. I’ll take that picture over there [pointing to a picture off-camera] and show you how many of the signers of the Declaration were ministers. He [Fea] said the founding fathers didn’t want ministers–the founding fathers were ministers in office. So they’re doing this to keep secularizing history and to keep Christians from being involved. So we will call out Fea, we will call out all these other profs who are doing the same thing….

People say “why do Christian profs do that?” Well, Luke 6:40 [says] “Every student when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.” These guys were all taught by Ph.Ds from Harvard and Yale and all these other secular schools, so they’re just like ’em now. They may be Christian. They may have their fire insurance. But they don’t think right. So that’s what we try to do.

What they are referring to is an article by Fea that pointed out that most of the state constitutions at the time actually forbid ministers from running for public office. That fact is undeniably true, we have the copies of those constitutions and they are available for anyone to see. Barton doesn’t deny that, in fact he doesn’t even address it. What he does is tell a whopper of a lie that he has been telling for decades. You want to take that picture of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and show us how many were ministers? I can do that for you right now: One. John Witherspoon. He was the only one.

So what is the basis of this well-worn lie? Barton counts everyone who graduated from a college that was initially started as a seminary as a minister, even if their degree was in law, as most of them were. That includes nearly all of the major colleges at the time, including Harvard, Princeton and Yale. But by that time, all three had become real universities, not just seminaries. And only one, John Witherspoon, was actually a member of the clergy. He was the president of what was then called the College of New Jersey, now known as Princeton. None of the other signers were ministers. Just another blatant lie from Barton. It’s what he does. It’s how he makes his money, peddling lies to ignorant people.

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