Trump Supporter Asked About Flint Water; Hilarity Ensues

Trump Supporter Asked About Flint Water; Hilarity Ensues September 16, 2016

Right wing radio host and Trump supporter Andy Dean was asked a simple question: What would Donald Trump do to fix the water problem in Flint, a city he just visited yesterday. His answer was a rambling, babbling mess that included saying that Trump would build the wall on the Mexican border. Because that’s totally relevant.


“Donald Trump has been building infrastructure his entire life,” Dean asserted as analyst Maria Cardona shot back, “To enrich himself!”…

After a pause, Reed answered, “Trump has an infrastructure plan, absolutely on his website.”

“First we’re going to build the wall. Second we’re going to repair our highways and bridges,” he continued as the panel began to laugh, “And Flint Michigan is an example of when there’s a water crisis, we’re going to fix it!”

Flint is going to have the greatest water ever, that I can tell you. Trump Water will be flowing out the taps, believe me. And for the record, this is the sum total of Trump’s “infrastructure plan” on his website:

Infrastructure—28 percent of our roads are in substandard condition and 24 percent of bridges are structurally deficient or worse. Trump’s plan will provide the growth to boost our infrastructure, Hillary Clinton’s will not.

Actually, most independent studies say that Trump’s economic plans will reduce growth, not boost it. So his “plan” is merely wishful thinking.

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