Fischer Continues to Contradict Himself on First Amendment

Fischer Continues to Contradict Himself on First Amendment September 27, 2016

Bryan Fischer continues to blatantly contradict himself on the meaning of the First Amendment, with a lack of self-awareness that is truly staggering. Here’s what he wrote last Friday, that the First Amendment cannot possibly apply at the state level:


Under the Founders’ Constitution – that is, the one written by the Founders, not the one mangled beyond recognition by the Supreme Court – the only entity that can violate the First Amendment is Congress.

The very first word in the First Amendment is “Congress.” The First Amendment was intended as a restraint on Congress and Congress alone. It is simply impossible for any other entity – be it a state, a county, a city, a school district, a school teacher, or a student – to violate the First Amendment for the simple reason that it wasn’t written to restrain them.

But at the very same — literally within a day or two of writing that — he claimed that the high school in Bremerton, Washington has violated the First Amendment rights of an assistant football coach by forcing him not to pray with his players after each game.

“Good for you, coach Joe Kennedy,” Fischer declared. “He’s taking the district to court for violating his First Amendment rights, which is exactly what they’ve done … What does the First Amendment say? It says that Congress—and Bremerton [School District,] they interpret that to mean any governmental authority, that would include schools because they’re government schools—is not allowed to prohibit the free exercise of religion. What did Bremerton School District do when they told Joe Kennedy, ‘You can’t pray at midfield after a game’? They prohibited his free exercise of religion! They told him, ‘Your constitutional right—even though this is government property and the government is specifically prohibited from infringing on your free exercise rights—we are going to destroy the First Amendment here, doesn’t apply in Bremerton, doesn’t apply on a football field, you have lost that right. You have not only lost that right, you have lost your job.'”

He’s either a shameless liar or is totally oblivious to the most obvious of contradictions in his positions.

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