Peterson Bashes Intellectuals

Peterson Bashes Intellectuals September 27, 2016

Jesse Lee Peterson, who appears to have the IQ of a pot roast and the charm of an Ebola virus, doesn’t like intellectuals. Smart people know that he’s an idiot with horrifying views, so he has to reject them and blame pretty much everything on them.


“I notice that the people who are really into the intellect are nutcases,” Peterson said. “Absolute nutcases. Because of this intellectual thing taking over and the people rule us, we now have so-called same-sex marriage. That wouldn’t happen if we weren’t into the intellect. Common sense would dictate that is not going to happen and common sense wouldn’t care what you thought about it because we would know that that’s wrong.”

The phrase “common sense” is, quite literally, gibberish. It means absolutely nothing. It’s a fictional abstract that stupid people use to distinguish between their ignorance and actual intelligence and thoughtfulness.

People simply need to rely “on the intellect of God,” he recommended, because human intellect is a tool of the devil, which is why “all intellectual people are insecure people … because their father is weak, their father Satan is a deceiver.”

Smart people are controlled by Satan! Stupid people are on the side of God! Such fucking stupidity.

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