Klingenschmitt’s Weird ‘Understanding’ of the Constitution

Klingenschmitt’s Weird ‘Understanding’ of the Constitution September 28, 2016

Gordon Klingenschmitt has a rather bizarre conception of what the Constitution says. In response to the government finally agreeing to allow Chelsea Manning to have sex reassignment surgery, he says it’s unconstitutional for the government to do so.


After predictably declaring that Manning is possessed by a “demonic spirit of lying,” Klingenschmitt asserted that providing her with the surgery amounts to “government castration of prisoners.”

“Oh my gosh,” he said, “I thought that was cruel and unusual punishment prohibited by the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. So when the ACLU says he has a constitutional right to this castration, no! The Constitution says the opposite, that your not allowed to treat prisoners with cruel and unusual treatment. That’s clearly a violation … of his constitutional rights.”

Her. Not his, her. And seriously, have you never heard the word consent before? She wants this surgery. She was willing to go on a hunger strike until she died to get it. This is not a punishment. Not allowing the surgery would be punishment. Stick to preaching, Gordon, where there are no standards for accuracy or logic.

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