Hey Look, They’re Gonna Pray Again

Hey Look, They’re Gonna Pray Again September 29, 2016

One of the things that cracks me up about the Christian right is that they’re constantly holding prayer rallies and conferences to “save America.” Dozens of them a year. The latest is the Appeal to Heaven Conference, put on by Dutch Sheets, a self-declared prophet and advocate of Seven Mountains Dominionism.


The shocking and unthinkable is now our reality. America has now redefined the first and most important covenant God ever established – marriage. Just when it seemed it couldn’t get worse, it turns out we’ve been selling baby body parts – an abhorrent evil most Americans are ignoring. We’re now down to one percent of youth in America who has a biblical worldview. Truly, America’s narcissistic independence from her Creator has left us spiritually and morally bankrupt. Is there any hope for recovery?

Yes there is!

The God that birthed America isn’t finished with her. Though the tree is diseased, the root lives. And to prove it, He is using a flag from our past to heal our present and preserve our future. When George Washington commissioned the Appeal to Heaven flag to fly over our naval ships in the War of Independence, little did he know that 240 years later God would ordain that it fly again—the prayer movement that birthed us will rebirth us! The verdict is in: the Appeal to Heaven phenomena is more than a passing fad; it’s a movement. Join Lou Engle, Chuck Pierce, Matt Lockett, Tim Sheets, Will Fort, others and me as we formally launch the second great Appeal To Heaven prayer movement.

And yet we already have that. Literally millions, perhaps tens of millions, of Americans are already praying for such a revival every single day. How many does it take, exactly? Oh, but I’m sure this time it will totally work. It will work just as much as the Throwing Salt Over Your Shoulder Conference.

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