Barton Returns to One of His Favorite Lies

Barton Returns to One of His Favorite Lies September 30, 2016

Probably the single most audacious lie that David Barton likes to tell is how the founding fathers used direct, verbatim quotes from the Bible and put them into the Constitution. A statement that stupid should cause your skull to collapse. And here he repeats it again, as well as the infamous lie about the Lutz study.


But when he appeared on the Messianic Jewish program “Jewish Voice” recently, Barton dusted it off when he once again insisted that the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution by using the “exact language” of the Bible.

Barton was making the case that the Bible tells voters all they need to know about how to choose their elected leaders, repeating his false claim that 34 percent of the political documents from the founding era cited the Bible, which he claimed is why the Constitution is filled with direct quotations from the Bible.

“I can show you clause after clause in the Constitution where they used the exact language of the Bible in the Constitution,” he said. “It’s just that we’re so biblicaly illiterate today that we don’t recognize that in the Constitution.”

Okay David, just quote me one provision of the Constitution that uses the “exact language” of any verse in the Bible. Just one. I’ll wait, but I’m sure as hell not holding my breath while I do it. You, sir, are the single most shameless liar I have ever encountered in my life. Ever. You would walk 50 miles to tell a lie before you’d stand still and tell the truth. Want to sue me for defamation over that claim? Please do. Seriously, pretty please? With sugar on top? It would be so damn much fun.

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