Coulter: Never Trump is the Fault of Atheism

Coulter: Never Trump is the Fault of Atheism October 5, 2016

David Barton’s doppleganger, Eric Metaxas, had Ann Coulter on his radio show and she argued that because she could find two atheists who are “never Trumpers,” this proves that it’s the fault of atheism. And she offers a bunch of gibberish to support that argument.


Ann Coulter joined conservative radio host Eric Metaxas, a fellow Donald Trump fan, on his radio program yesterday, where the two criticized Never Trump conservatives such as Thomas Sowell, Erick Erickson, George Will and Charles Murray and warned that America will collapse if Trump doesn’t win the upcoming election.

Coulter said that Will and Murray may have refused to get behind Trump because they are atheists who care about the opinions of others rather than God’s opinion.

“They are both atheists,” she said. “I guess status matters. As I always say, the reason status doesn’t matter to Christians is we’re looking up. If you have nothing to look up to, if you’re not getting your standard from God, then you have to look around. It’s either lateral or horizontal or vertical. You’re looking around and it matters to you—the opinion of other people.”

That’s a Palin-quality bit of word salad that is absolutely meaningless. And it certainly doesn’t apply to the dozens of prominent Christian leaders who have said Christians should not vote for Trump. And it would take a lot of evidence to convince me that Ann Coulter gives a shit about religion any more than Donald Trump does.

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