Wingnut: Pro-Choicers are Worse than Hitler

Wingnut: Pro-Choicers are Worse than Hitler October 28, 2016

Tamara Scott, a far-right radio talk show host and a member of the Republican National Committee, went full Godwin on her radio show recently and said that pro-choice politicians are not just like Hitler, but worse than Hitler. Because she says so.


Trump, Scott said, “says he’ll end the war on Christianity” while Clinton “foments it.” She praised Trump’s “Pro-Life Advisory Council,” led by the Susan B. Anthony List’s Marjorie Dannenfelser, while saying that Clinton and her vice presidential nominee, Tim Kaine, “promote and celebrate the killing of the unborn as choice.”

“And it’s so dangerous how skillful they are that they would celebrate the killing of one American and pretend that it’s in order to protect your right,” she said. “They take the right of life away from one under the guise of protecting your right. Think that through.”

“And even more devious than a Hitler—and I know we’re never supposed to bring in a Hitler—even more devious than a Hitler, who turned on the people himself, these people, whether it’s Kaine, Hillary or the other pro-death agents, have skillfully articulated an argument that makes you turn on each other,” she added. “It says that a mother has the right to kill her child in the womb and it forces taxpayers to fund that killing. Think that through. Even more devious than what we’ve witnessed out of the Holocaust, and we’re allowing it in America. Shame on us. It is time to stand.”

I think if you’re against abortion, you totally shouldn’t have one.

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