Fischer’s Total Lack of Self-Awareness Remains Intact

Fischer’s Total Lack of Self-Awareness Remains Intact October 31, 2016

I give the Bryan Fischer award to those who are totally oblivious to their own contradictions because, with the possible exception of Donald Trump, he puts this trait on more obvious display than anyone on the planet. And he does it yet again about the First Amendment.


Fischer continued to push this inconsistent message on his radio program yesterday when he interviewed Steve Crampton, a Religious Right attorney who is now seeking a seat on the Mississippi state Supreme Court, about the case of Eric Walsh, a lay minister who is suing the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Walsh claims that he was fired after government officials examined sermons he had delivered and is now suing state officials for religious discrimination. Fischer was outraged that the state of Georgia would so blatantly violate Walsh’s “free exercise of religion” in this manner because “it is a right that you possess as an American citizen under our Constitution 168 hours a week.”

Except he has told us repeatedly that only Congress can violate the First Amendment. I mean dozens and dozens of times. Like just a few weeks ago:

Under the Founders’ Constitution – that is, the one written by the Founders, not the one mangled beyond recognition by the Supreme Court – the only entity that can violate the First Amendment is Congress.

The very first word in the First Amendment is “Congress.” The First Amendment was intended as a restraint on Congress and Congress alone. It is simply impossible for any other entity – be it a state, a county, a city, a school district, a school teacher, or a student – to violate the First Amendment for the simple reason that it wasn’t written to restrain them … States under the Founders’ Constitution are free to regulate religious expression in any way they would like without any interference from the federal government. States can even have an established religion if they want to, and at the time of the Founding, 10 of them did.

He just magically changes his position every time this comes up, so he’s either utterly oblivious or he’s just flat out lying.

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