Trump Pastor: Beware of Demon Hornets Spreading the Gay

Trump Pastor: Beware of Demon Hornets Spreading the Gay November 11, 2016

Dream interpretation is a cottage industry among the Christian right, with books and websites that tell them what their dreams mean. Frank Amedia, Donald Trump’s “liaison for Christian policy,” seems to be freelancing with this bit of nonsense.


He also saw hornets that were “dipping these stingers into a cesspool” that contained “a liquor, a potion, and the potion was filled with all the vile characteristics and the power of witchcraft and occult, of abortion and murder and of ambition and selfishness and deceitfulness. So many vile characteristics that it made me putrid. And they were being sent out to invade humanity and, if you will, to inject these potions.”

In a livestreamed sermon on Sunday, Amedia went into greater detail about his prophecy, saying that the “putrid liquid” feeding the nation “was crying out all of sins of self-ambition and abortion and murder and just harlotry and homosexuality and adultery and rebellion, it was just crying out lust, lust was crying out strong.”

He also saw that “there were all these little hornets flying around” and he “knew immediately that that they were demons.”

“And I saw that they were dipping their tails in that putrid muck that was coming up from Abaddon and being sent out to go sting, sting with homosexuality, sting with abortion, sting with adultery, sting with it all,” he said. “They’re going out there to inject into the people of God and, I should say differently, into the world of this nation and the system of this nation that which they’ve been in assignment to do.”

OMG, they’re stinging us with The Gay! They’re stinging us with abortion (what the fuck could that possibly mean?)! And there are people who take this crap seriously.

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