Shoebat the Elder: America is ‘Ass-Kissing’ Nation

Shoebat the Elder: America is ‘Ass-Kissing’ Nation November 27, 2016

Fake “ex-terrorist” and Christian fascist Walid Shoebat is rather unhappy that Donald Trump says he won’t pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton over….what the hell ever he thought they were going to prosecute her for. And he says America is an “ass-kissing nation” for letting him not do it.


America Is An Ass Kissing Nation. Donald Trump Just Went Back On His Word And Will Not Be Working To Put Hillary Clinton In Prison. Instead This Nation Will Join Antichrist And Persecute The Saints.

Oh, were those the two choices? Either prosecute Clinton or “persecute the saints” (whoever they might be)? Fascinating.

America is very simple to explain, the people ass kiss politicians asses for four years. The politician ass kiss our asses for one year to get our votes. We The People ass kiss their asses four times more than they ass kiss our asses since they only have to ass kiss our asses only once in four years. But there is only one caveat: while they ass kiss our asses once in 4 years, the people ass kiss their ass back even during that year if the candidate who is ass kissing our asses also tickles our ears. Elections are always an ass kissing ear tickling fest.

This sums up not just American politics, but all who follow the populous media like Alex Jones, Breitbart …

I just hope that Trump took a shower, there are millions of ass kissers out there.

The “populous” media? Who might dat be?

When Romney ran for president, we criticized Romney’s Mormonism and we got flak for it. Hundreds upon hundreds said to us: “I’ll kick your ass”. When ass-kissing Glenn Beck was at the hight of worship, we wrote a ton of articles why Beck was not what the worshippers thought of the man. Countless prominent Evangelicals, so-called “Born Again Christian” ass-kissing pastors, they all lined up like prostitutes to ass-kiss a Mormon because he was promoting the ass-kissing Romney.

Everyone threatened to kick our asses for simply defending to protect their brown lips from all the disease. We just couldn’t pry their lips off the sewage pipe until it emptied out to simply find them switching to another sewage outlet.

The other day we exposed Pence for his ass-kissing of the Muslim Turks. A few years ago, Pence refused to pass a bill to recognize the Armenian genocide. We said that Pence was an ass-kissing devil and nothing more. Boy, the ass-kickers (who are simply unworthy harmless ass-kissers) instantly showed up with the usual “I’ll kick your ass”.

Okay, Walid…you’ve said “ass-kissing” so many times in just a few paragraphs that I think you may be revealing some kind of fetish you have. I’m not here to yuck your yum or anything, but you might want to put some thought into that, preferably without fondling yourself at the same time.

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