Rohrer: Force Immigrants to Become Christians

Rohrer: Force Immigrants to Become Christians December 1, 2016

Sam Rohrer, head of the American Pastors Network, says that America should not accept any immigrants unless they first become Christians, like they (allegedly) did in ancient Israel (actually, they didn’t). Because he thinks America is a Christian theocracy.


Rohrer stated that in the Old Testament, God instructed Israel to assimilate immigrants by “pointing them to the God of Heaven,” but America is failing to follow that basic rule and is now instead taking in “immigrants who have no interest in our God” and have “no desire to be a participant in what God has done here.”

When America took in immigrants and “then we presented them in the culture to this God, we were blessed,” Rohrer said, but now America no longer requires immigrants to know “the God of the Bible” and the government is actually working to “turn them against the God of Heaven.”

America has “changed the historic biblical rules” regarding immigration, he said, and “this is a reason why God must discipline our country.”

“Now we have millions of people,” Rohrer said, “who are here for the wrong reasons, been invited in by people with wrong motives and now we have a people here, large numbers of them who have no respect for our God, they serve primarily the god of Allah and they embrace Sharia law” which permits them to engage in terrorism.

So why limit this to immigrants? I have no respect for your God (that is, I wouldn’t have if such a creature actually existed). Do I have to leave too? Oh, but there’s one little problem: The Bible has no authority here, the Constitution does. And the Constitution says we have religious freedom, not Christian theocracy. Sorry pal, you lose.

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