Bryan Fischer Award Winner: David Barton

Bryan Fischer Award Winner: David Barton December 3, 2016

Of all the Bryan Fischer awards I’ve given out, this might be the most jaw-dropping one yet. It’s like David Barton has finally reached peak David Barton. He actually had the audacity to say of another fake historian that if something he says is factually wrong, he should correct it.


In this clip, he’s talking about Bill O’Reilly, who has written a series of “history” books that historians have panned as riddled with factual errors — much like Barton, coincidentally. And he actually has the sheer chutzpah to say this:

If you have something that’s factually shown to be wrong, you need to go back and make the correction on it.

*headdesk* I don’t even know what might be analogous to that. It’s like Donald Trump saying that someone else’s house is garish and tacky. It’s like Hulk criticizing someone else’s anger management skills. It’s like Pauly Shore saying someone else isn’t funny. A lack of self-awareness at this level is so epic that you almost have to admire the audacity it takes. If ignorance is bliss, Barton must spend all day every day having orgasms.

And I seem to recall something in the Bible about removing the log from one’s own eye before pointing out the splinter in another’s. Barton is a con artist. That much should be absolutely obvious by now.

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