Wallnau: Professors are ‘Intellectual Pedophiles’

Wallnau: Professors are ‘Intellectual Pedophiles’ December 13, 2016

Lance Wallnau, one of the loudest and most influential of the Seven Mountains Dominionists, shovels out the standard issue anti-intellectualism of the Christian right by declaring college professors to be “priests of Baal” and “intellectual pedophiles.”


Wallnau lamented that radicals from the 1960s went into academia and have spent decades warping the minds of students, which is why conservative Christians continue to lose battles in the culture war.

“Anything we do regarding abortion, prayer, marriage,” he said, “anything we do that doesn’t get into the educational narrative that is affecting the minds of students will be lost within eight to 10 years because you’ve got gatekeeper priests, there are priests of Baal at the top of the university mountain, poisoning the minds [of young people.] They’re like intellectual pedophiles molesting the virgin territory of your children’s imaginations.”

Right. Says a guy from a church with youth groups and thousands of Christian clubs in schools. Reminds me of Ray Mummert’s infamous statement at the Dover trial: “We’ve been attacked by the intelligent, educated segment of the culture.”

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